Batch OTDRs inspection with help of SORSE

Just a small note about way we use  SORSE (OTDR Traces Sor format Shell Extension) for our internal needs.

What we have:
- many OTDRs were manufactured and arrived to QA department for approvement
- same reference fiber (testing line) measured by each device at each wavelength and same sor files set stored in each folder  

And now power of Sor Shell Extension used (For example search for "1490_level1us" files to compare/verify metrological parameters):

      Now we can see all traces measured at 1490nm wavelength with Pulse Width 1000ns (1us) from all devices in the same window of Explorer.
     Because same file names means same measurement parameters we can compare them with each others and check deviations at a glance.
    Also by clicking column header we can sort files by any parameter and easily find best and worse units.
  Columns we are checking:
- "Input level" (Backscattering level at the trace beginng, just after OTDR output) 
- "Input reflctance" (How good/bad operator made a connection)
- "End of fiber"  (Verification of  distance accuracy)
- "End reflectance" (Informative field)

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At March 12, 2013 at 7:36 AM , Blogger Tony Roy said...

This is a very practical application of your excellent shell extension. thanks for the tip.


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